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Self-awareness is the most important aspect of personal development. It
determines nearly everything else, including whether you’re able to stay
motivated and achieve your goals.
We know so many things, but we don't know our selves
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Because I had problems with self awareness I was terribly lacking in motivation when it came to finishing my goals. Being a Self-Awareness coach I had to work on me before helping others. This eBook helped me to be able to overshoot my goals by helping me learn how to go deeper inside myself and peel back the layers until I can see who I truly am inside. Also, with the practical help in this guide I learned that I can't change the situations or people around me, I only need to change me and how I react. 
Turn the Spotlight Within and Learn the best way to discover your true self.
What You Will Learn
  • To Be Aware of Your Motivations
  •  Acknowledge Your Negative Traits
  • Ways to Develop Self-Awareness
Why this eBook?
  1. This resource will give you the inspiration and knowledge you need to develop a healthy self-image.
  2. You will learn what to look for while developing self awareness.
  3. You will discover your true self to be able to transform yourself and create your own world.
  4. Find out if you are an introvert or extrovert personality.
  5. Learn how to become self-aware in 4 hours.
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